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Hey Sakura-Con attending Homestucks! Up for another draw party this year?

It seems for some reason the post from last year is going around again, so I figured I’d better put out an up to date one to avoid confusion! (This version is expertly edited for 2013, as you can see.) We’ve joined up with that other Saturday draw party being planned!

We bust out draw parties like nobody’s business on the east coast, so you guys should certainly join in our con tradition! It’s a great time and a fun way to meet other Homestucks without the chaos of photoshoots.

What: A draw party for Homestucks, but also just a place to hang out and socialize! You don’t have to be an artist to come (I’m sure as hell not), but if you are it’s a good idea to bring your own sketch book and pencils. Feel free to bring prints, stickers, buttons, or anything else you’d like to give away!
When: Saturday night, 10:00 pm (Remember, under 18s have a 1 am curfew!)
Where: The North Galleria on Level 2 (Here’s a map!) This is where we were last year. We’ll need to spread out along the wall to avoid blocking traffic. I tried to get permission from staff, but didn’t receive any replies, so I’m assuming we’re okay.

Everyone needs to be on their best behavior! KEEP A WALKWAY PAST UP MAINTAINED AND THE NOISE LEVEL DOWN.

If anyone has any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to drop me an ask! Updates on the time and location will be posted in the #sakurastuck tag.

SPREAD THE WORD! My west coast followers are few and far between, so I’m relying on you guys to get this out!

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    Yeah! I’m actually going to the draw meet this year. c:
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    I went to this for like eight hours last year, and it was really great!! I drew lots of pictures for people. This year...
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    I’ll be at the con; I don’t know if I’ll be able to make the draw party or not, but I’ll try. ;)
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